Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vampire Knight English Dub Anime vs. Manga Review

I finished watching the first thirteen episodes (which comprises the first season) of the anime Vampire Knight yesterday, and was left feeling kind of disappointed. I had been looking forward to watching the anime after reading the manga and loving the emotions that the story had evoked in me (I even waited ever so patiently for the English dub to come out.), but sadly the anime did not deliver as much as I had expected. It may be partly due to the fact that I already knew the story from the manga. Maybe if I had watched the anime first, I might have loved it too. Oh well... I'll never know now.

It started off okay I guess, but as the episodes progressed I found myself wondering why I didn't get drawn into the story like when I was reading the manga. Also, I didn't like the voice of Kaname Kuran which surprised me because I liked the previous anime characters voiced by Ethan Murray. I don't know... the deep sombre voice Ethan gave Kaname just didn't match Kaname in my opinion, and it kept me distracted. Another thing that distracted me from the story was Yuki's unnatural-sounding pronunciation of Kaname's name. I wish she could have just pronounced it with an American accent if she couldn't get the Japanese pronunciation to sound normal. Actually, most of the voice acting wasn't so good either. I even suspected it was a fandub at first. And then there were the somewhat "off" attempts at lighthearted fun that sort of ruined the mood of the story for me.

Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations, because I found nothing extraordinary about the anime. Of course, I still liked it (mostly due to the hot anime guys!), and I plan to watch Vampire Knight again after giving myself some time to forget about the story, but "at first read" I liked the manga much better. :)


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