Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quotes From Hanabusa Aido, Vampire Knight

Hanabusa Aido

Vampire Knight naughty boy Hanabusa Aido teases Yuki Cross and the other day class girls like crazy. But I kind of like his charm, actually. Here are some of his more memorable quotes:

To the day class girls waiting outside the night class dorm:
"Good morning, girls! I could hear you loud and clear from the dorm. You're all looking quite cute today!"

Using his hand like a gun and pointing it towards the heart of one of the girls:

To Luca after she hit his hand with the corner of her notebook:
"Luca, do you wish to die?!"

After two day class girls got excited about seeing him and Cain Akatsuki come out of the school:
"No need for all this fuss. We just came out here because we smelled blood. You're so mean, Yuki. You know, the real reason we came out here tonight... Sigh... You smell so nice."

After Yuki Cross firmly tells Aido to let go of her while he was drinking blood from her hand:
"Oh, but I want more. May I partake from your neck?"

Referring to the holes left by Zero's fangs on Yuki's neck:
"So Yuki, whose bitemarks are those?"

Vexed at Kaname Kuran's special treatment of Yuki:
"Do you know how annoying this is Yuki? Just what are you to Lord Kaname?!"

To Yuki after he pulled her inside their dorm in front of all the other day class girls:
"They're really jealous of you. It's so... cute."

Grabbing Yuki from behind and hugging her in front of the other day class girls:

"The jealous girls will go mad with envy and bully you from now on, Yuki Cross."


  1. "What's your blood type, baby?"

  2. Oh yeah! Hanabusa did say that, didn't he? Got to find that episode... Hehe. :P

  3. ♥ his signature w/c he always ask the girls ! haha he is sooooooo annoying !!!! hmp !


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