Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Loveless Manga

I can't wait to read the next chapter of Loveless. So far I've read until volume 10 chapter 4 and I'm really looking forward to reading chapter 5. I blame my Loveless addiction on Soubi. He's just so damn hot! Ha! (Don't you agree? I mean, just look at the long-haired guy with glasses below!) I have to admit though that I was hesitant to read the manga at first since I'm not really into shounen-ai (read: boy x boy), but I was surprised at how much I liked Loveless. Okay, the first part was confusing but now that I've finished the ninth volume I understand it a lot better. It's really not "icky" like I thought it would be. I would even say Loveless has earned a spot in my top 5 manga list.

Curious? You can read Loveless here:


Cover of Loveless Manga Volume 3


  1. I really like your's full with I on't know how to follow you since there's not 'follow' button?By the way,is Loveless really good?I've just finished reading a manga and didn't know to start which one...^.^

  2. Thanks, adnileon. :) I really like Loveless, but of course I know that you may have different tastes. The only way to know if you'll like it I guess is to read it. :)

    Oh, and the "Follow" button is on the Blogger navigation bar at the top of the page. I would be honored to have you as a follower. Hehe. :)

  3. Hi there,thanks for replying,hehe
    I have followed you and hope you'll post more soon...=))

  4. The pleasure is mine, adnileon. I look forward to more comments from you. :)

  5. After exploring this blog... i came into conclusion to follow you, lol!!! All i can say about this manga is that, the drawing is good. But, knowing that its shounen-ai, i lost the interest... No matter how nice the drawings and the story, i just cant find the feeling of reading it... Sorry, call me narrow-minded but i jsut can't help it...sigh :(

  6. Haha! Thank you, I am honored to have you following me. Hehe. You know I used to avoid the boy/boy thing before, but now I find it, uhm, entertaining. ^_^


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