Monday, December 19, 2011

My First Cosplay: Kuchiki Rukia, Bleach

I cosplayed for the first time last Saturday! It was just for our Christmas Party though, but it was still an experience worth remembering. It was so much fun that I'm looking forward to the next cosplay opportunity. ^_^

Why cosplay during our Christmas party? Well, our theme was Back to School, and I just had to wear the school uniform from one of the most famous manga/anime of all time: Bleach! Unfortunately, my wig didn't arrive until the day after the party, so I had to make do with my own hair. But it came out pretty decently in my opinion. ^_-

Anyways, what do you think? :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Live Action Movie 2012 First Trailer

It's here! The first trailer to the live action movie we've all been waiting for: Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Live Action Movie!

I can't wait until this movie comes out in 2012. Sato Takeru looks so hot as Kenshin! ^_^ I have to admit though that I had some reservations about him playing the role when I first found out since he seems a bit too serious (and young) for it, but I'm beginning to think he can pull it off after watching this trailer. Gah! This is going to be a tough exercise on delaying gratification. Haha!

Update 04/09/12:
I found a new trailer for this movie, and it's English subbed! Watch it here: Rurouni Kenshin Live Action 2012 Trailer English Subbed

Update 09/05/12:
Watch the full 2-minute trailer with English subs here: Rurouni Kenshin Trailer 2 English Subbed

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cosplay Harajuku District

I must confess: I am an anime and manga addict, but I had never been to a cosplay event in my entire life until the other night when I went to Cosplay Harajuku District at Ayala Business Park, Cebu. I didn't go in costume or anything, I was just a spectator. But I had a lot of fun watching all the cosplayers and observing how they got into character. You could say that I was like a stalker with my eyes glued to my prey. Hehe...

There was this one cosplayer I particularly liked. He was dressed as the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji and he was almost perfect! He even pranced around the place just like the Undertaker. I didn't get to hear him talk and laugh however, which is why I say "almost perfect". High standards? Hah! Nevertheless, I stalked him the most. Hehe. I even had a picture taken, and I am not ashamed to admit it! Hahaha! (See picture on the right.)

I wonder when the next cosplay event or workshop in my city will be. I'm really looking forward to it. I might even try cosplaying myself. ;P

By the way, for those who don't know the Undertaker, allow me introduce you to him. Mina-san, kochira wa Andāteikā-san desu.

Charming, isn't he? Haha! ^_^ And this is from when he was still a Shinigami (death god, soul reaper), before he became a funeral director:

He can reap my soul anytime. Ahahahahaha!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romantic Japanese Movies for October 2011

I have a couple of recommendations for those looking for light yet touching romantic Japanese movies that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy after watching:

Paradise Kiss
Based on the manga with the same title, Paradise Kiss is the story of Hayasaka Yukari, an ordinary girl from a prestigious academic school whose life was devoted to studying in order to please her mother, and a group of unique free spirited dressmakers and designers from a well-known school for the arts. The story that ensues when these totally opposite characters collide with each other is an amusing yet heartwarming tale.

I totally loved Paradise Kiss. It made me fall in love and laugh and cry. :)

Koukou Debut
Also known as High School Debut, Koukou Debut is a romantic comedy about a tomboyish girl named Nagashima Haruna who swore off softball (which she was very good at) in order to devote herself to a new goal: falling in love and getting a boyfriend. After several disastrous attempts, she decides to ask Komiyama Yoh, one of the most popular boys in school, to be her "coach" at attracting boys. He agrees, but with one condition: she is forbidden to fall in love with him.

Koukou Debut was seriously entertaining. I loved how the story panned out in the end as well. :)

I'll be posting more recommendations for live action Japanese movies as well as JDoramas, animes, and mangas in the future. Until then... :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anime for September 2011

September has been a busy month for me in terms of anime viewing. I have watched all of the following this month so far:


Nana is about two strangers, both of whom are named Nana, who meet each other for the first time on a train to Tokyo. One of them is a naive country bumpkin coming to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend; the other is a streetwise rock musician looking to hit it big in Tokyo. Through some strange play of events, the two of them end up as roommates in the seventh floor of an old building with no elevator. The story that unfolds thereafter is one of friendship, love, betrayal, sex and music.

I liked this story very much. I'm planning to continue reading the manga where the anime left off. The two live action movies were amazing as well.


Durarara!! is about two childhood friends from the country who were separated and then reunited in high school in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A headless rider, a scheming information dealer, a bartender with superhuman strength, a Russian sushi chef, and a company doing experiments on human subjects are also thrown into the mix.

The story unfolds in bits and pieces which may be difficult to understand at first, but the pieces come together to form a cohesive picture as the episodes progress. I found this story very interesting. The characters are over the top but lovable, and the story itself is quite unique. I love the opening and ending themes as well.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 

I started watching Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, or UraBoku for short, primarily because of the bishounen (read: hot anime guys) in it. Surprisingly, the story was interesting and it drew me in.

Uraboku is about a an orphan boy with powers that he is unable to control. One day he is saved from demons by a mysterious man, who later on is revealed to be a demon himself. And it seems that this mysterious man was the orphan boy's lover in an alternate life where the boy had been a girl. Sounds confusing? Hehe... not really. In fact, it was entertaining. And I loved watching the hot anime guys fight.


Bakuman is the story of two middle schoolers aspiring to become successful mangakas (manga artists) and the struggles they encountered along the way as they overcame personal challenges and persevered. The show is inspiring, humorous, and educational at the same time, especially for those who also dream of becoming mangakas. I learned a lot of things about the work of a mangaka and I realized that it is no easy task.

I'm really looking forward to season 2 of this series which will start airing on October 2011.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bleach Beats Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys

I never thought the day would come when Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys would get beaten out of the number one spot in Popular Posts where it has been for as long as I can remember, but the day has finally arrived. Bleach Anime Wallpapers has grabbed the top spot and not even Alucard, the hottest of all anime guys, could stop Ichigo and the Soul Society captains from taking over. Oh wait, those Bleach guys are quite hot themselves... so hot anime guys still rule after all! ^_^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nodame Cantabile Opening & Ending Theme Songs With Lyrics

I put up another anime opening/ending theme song compilation the other day. This time it's for Nodame Cantabile. These are the TV size opening and ending themes with the original animation sequences for all three seasons: Nodame Cantabile, Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen, and Nodame Cantabile Finale. I also added the lyrics so you can sing along. Check it out and remember to vote for your favorite!

Nodame Cantabile Opening & Ending Theme Songs With Lyrics

Also visit my Videos section for more anime opening/ending theme songs.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo Solos

Kurosaki Ichigo
Now it's time for me to introduce the "star" of Rock Musical Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo! For those who haven't read the manga or seen the anime, the story of Bleach revolves around a ghost-seeing human boy named Kurosaki Ichigo who was plunged into the world of the Shinigami (Soul Reapers) by chance when a Hollow (soul-eating spirit or ghost) came to attack his family and Kuchiki Rukia, one of the Shinigami, came to their rescue.

In Rock Musical Bleach, we not only get to see Ichigo fight, we also get to see him dance and sing! Okay, so I couldn't help but laugh when I first saw it. Nothing in the manga or anime could have ever prepared me for the dancing Ichigo, but then it kind of grew on me. And Isaka Tatsuya, the actor who plays Ichigo, is so adorable both onstage and backstage. ^_^

These three songs are Kurosaki Ichigo solos: Kore ga Kurosaki Ichigo Daze is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001, Where is My Body? is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002, and Ore wa Kurosaki Ichigo ni Naru is from Rock Musical Bleach: No Clouds in the Blue Heavens.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Proof of How Awesome Aizen Sousuke Is

I know, Bleach manga/anime fans probably hate Aizen Sousuke's guts, but you just have to love how incredibly awesome he is in Rock Musical Bleach! I mean, the man deserves some respect. Case in point, this EPIC fight scene between Aizen, Ichigo, and Renji from Rock Musical Bleach: No Clouds in the Blue Heavens. My favorite fight scene in all Rock Musical Bleachdom. ^_^

Rock Musical Bleach - My Favorite Songs Part 3

This is the third part of my favorite songs from Rock Musical Bleach, and this time I turned my attention to songs that tell a story. Three of them immediately came to mind: Tsuyosa to Egao Tabanetera, Tsuki yo Oshiete Kure, and Utoshi Yattsu.

Tsuyosa to Egao Tabanetera is the story of Rukia (the girl with the strip of hair across her face) and how she grew up in a "place for garbage" with her childhood friend Renji (the guy with spiky red hair and funny eyebrows), then was adopted into the royal Kuchiki family by Byakuya (the guy with white clips on his hair). Later on, she meets Ichigo (the guy with spiky orange hair) who changes her life completely as she turns his upside down.

These three men care about Rukia in their own way, and they each want to support her. Because of them, Rukia is inspired to live her life burning. This version of the song is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002.

Tsuki yo Oshiete Kure is the story of Renji, Momo (the girl with a bun on her head), and Izuru (the guy with bangs covering his left eye). The three of them were good friends back when they were students in the Soul Reaper (Shinigami) Academy, now they are vice captains to different squads in the Soul Society. Here the three of them are in jail for different reasons and each is doing some serious soul searching, if you will. The song ends with the three of them breaking out of jail and Rukia being rescued from her confinement.

This version of the song is from Rock Musical Bleach: The All.

Utoshi Yattsu is the story of Ichigo and Rukia's first encounter and how they affected each other. It also tells of how Ichigo came to possess Shinigami powers, and why Rukia is guilty of a crime. Their constant bickering reminds me of 5-year old kids fighting, but Ichigo and Rukia look really good together, don't they? ;P

This version of the song is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001.

Rock Musical Bleach Backstage Specials

The backstage specials are definitely one of my favorite parts of Rock Musical Bleach. You get to see the cast rehearsing, expressing their thoughts, or just plain goofing around. The backstage specials also include random footage from shows other than the one recorded for the DVD and footage of what goes on backstage while the show is going on.

My most favorite part though has got to be at the end of the very last show for each run where all the cast members talk to the audience. You can really feel their earnestness and passion. And they're all such a crazy bunch of goofballs I can't stop laughing! The audience seems to love it as well. (Wish I could have been there!) These two videos are clips from the backstage specials for Rock Musical Bleach (2005) and Rock Musical Bleach: Saien (2006). I'd have loved to include the ones from the other shows, but they haven't been subbed in English yet. :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach Anthem - Mou Hitotsu no Chijou

"Mou Hitotsu no Chijou" is the one song in Rock Musical Bleach wherein all the main characters get to sing solo (except for Ichigo, since it's the anthem of the Soul Society's 13 Court Guard Squads and he's not part of them), and that is probably why it is an all-time favorite among many fans. As expected, a song that gives eight squad captains, five vice captains, and three squad members some solo time is a long one - nine minutes and two seconds to be exact. But it's well worth the time.

This version of "Mou Hitotsu no Chijou" is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002, and it is the last version of the song with Aizen Sousuke. (Ohkuchi Kengo, the actor who played Aizen, was not able to be a part of The Live Bankai Show 003 which was the last Rock Musical Bleach with the original cast.)

By the way, I love how it opens with the set rotating up into place from beneath the dark stage and then you see everyone slowly appearing with lanterns that create this mysterious, other-worldly atmosphere. I wish I could have seen it live. ^_^

Mou Hitotsu no Chijou

Mou Hitotsu no Chijou Lyrics

kawaita kaze ni tadayoi nagara oto mo tatezu ni chikazukeba
hikaru yaiba wa hi no ya no gotoku kuruoshiku shi wo tsukasadoru
minikuku mayoeru tamashii yo kaihou e to michibiite yarou ka
warera Gotei Juusantai koko wa mou hitotsu no chijou

heimin nado ni wa rikai dekimai
kizoku toshite sei wo uketa hokori takaki kokorozashi
okite koso ga ashita e no michi shirube ni naru
kegarenaki chitsujo mamoru tame kono mi wo toshite hataraku sadame

tobikoetee uzee yatsu ga iru
tsuyoku nakereba ikiteru imi nante doko ni mo, doko ni mo aryashi nee.
kono sekai no dorei ni nanka naranee ze
honnou no manma ni tsuki susumu dake kono saibou ga nietagiru made

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5th International Manga Awards Now Ongoing

The 5th International Manga Awards is now on, and the Embassy of Japan is inviting Filipino manga artists to join and submit their own original manga. I really really want to join this contest, but I don't know how to make my own manga yet. :P Another reason why it pays to be ready when opportunities arise.

Winners will receive awards and will be invited to Japan for ten days! Wah! I want to go! Hehe. ^_^ The awarding ceremony will be held in Tokyo in March 2012 so that might be when the winners are going to Japan.

Read this article from SunStar Daily News to learn more about the 5th International Manga Awards and how to submit your entries if you're interested to participate:

Please click on the image to view full size.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach - My Favorite Songs Part 2

his is part two of my favorite Rock Musical Bleach songs. The songs in Rock Musical Bleach - My Favorite Songs Part 1 were the songs that I love to sing along to. This time, I will share with you the Rock Musical Bleach songs that I love to dance along to. These are fun, upbeat, and high-energy songs that will get you up on your feet. In no particular order, these are my favorite Rock Musical Bleach songs to dance along to:

Death Song
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001.

Bleach Soul Shout
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002.

Hona Sainara / Hallelujah Goodbye
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001.

Care to dance with me? ^_^

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach Karaoke Download

Download the official karaoke versions of these two Rock Musical Bleach songs here:

Bleach (DX Version Karaoke)
Mou Hitotsu no Chijou (DX Version Karaoke)

Thank you, Eri-chan for these. :)

I love singing to the songs of Rock Musical Bleach. I even made my own karaoke versions of the other songs that don't have official karaoke versions. The quality isn't that great, but I'm willing to share them if anybody wants them. Just drop me a line.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Zero Kiryu Dropped Off Popular Posts List

Vampire Knight's Zero Kiryu has been pushed off the Popular Posts list while Kaname Kuran has stayed on? I never thought I'd see the day. Zero has always beaten Kaname in all of the polls I've seen. Hot anime guys and Hellsing are still dominating the list though with Ouran High School Host Club's Hitachiin twins hot on their heels. I really should finish up my new list of hot anime guys... hopefully before the year ends. Hah! ;D

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach - My Favorite Songs Part 1

I was trying to pick my top three favorite songs from all the Rock Musical Bleach shows but found it quite difficult since I love almost all of the songs in them. I finally decided to choose the three songs that I love to sing along to aside from the three Rock Musical Bleach themes that I already featured here. These three songs kind of have an air of love to them. In no particular order, these are my favorite Rock Musical Bleach songs to sing along to:

Fuyu no Hanabi
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002.

Kawaranai Kimochi
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002.

Te Wo Tsunagou
This version is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Dark of the Bleeding Moon.

Which song do you like the most? :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006 Animated Film)

It has been quite a while since I've seen an anime movie that gripped me every second of the way from start to finish. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, the 2006 animated film, did just that. From the stunning artwork to the beautiful story and the awesome soundtrack and really cool voice acting (I watched it with the original Japanese audio), it was arguably the best anime I have ever seen so far.

Sure, there they might have oversimplified the whole time traveling thing and completely ignored the issues that might crop up (One example: When you go back to the past, that means there's now two of you in that time frame, right? In this anime, that is completely ignored.), but the story's simplicity is something that I like about it.

I highly recommend watching this anime movie. I give it a 10/10, even though I would have wanted it to end a bit differently... Hehe, not going to give out any spoilers though. :D Dang, now I want to watch it again. You know I think I will watch it again. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach Themes

Rock Musical Bleach had three main themes - "Bleach", "The Dark of the Bleeding Moon", and "Yureru Soul Society". The first theme "Bleach" was first performed in Rock Musical Bleach which came out in August 2005. The second theme "The Dark of the Bleeding Moon" was first performed in Rock Musical Bleach: The Dark of the Bleeding Moon which came out in August 2006. The last theme "Yureru Soul Society" was first performed in Rock Musical Bleach: No Clouds in the Blue Heavens which came out in March 2007.

All three songs became anthems of the Rock Musical Bleach series, which ran from 2005 to 2010 in Japan, and different versions or reprises of them were performed in the succeeding titles. (See list of Rock Musical Bleach titles here: Rock Musical Bleach.)

Watch the videos of the three Rock Musical Bleach themes: 

I admit, this version from one of their earlier performances was just so-so. But don't let it stop you from watching the two other videos. Rock Musical Bleach got better over the years, I promise! ^_^

The Dark of the Bleeding Moon
This is my favorite among these three videos. :)

Yureru Soul Society

Which one do you like the most? I like all three songs equally, but I like the choreography / action sequences of "The Dark of the Bleeding Moon" best. The part where Hinamori Momo and Kira Izuru cross swords and Hitsugaya Toshiro butts in is so cool. My second favorite scene is in "Yureru Soul Society" where Aizen Sousuke looks back at the other captains who are oblivious to his leaving before walking off the stage. It sends chills down my spine for some reason. Hehe.

There are many more songs in Rock Musical Bleach, but these three are the main themes. I'll share the other songs in future posts. For now, I leave you with this Rock Musical Bleach poster. :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Anime Videos Page

Hi, everyone. I've added a new videos page to my blog, the link to which can be found at the top of the page. It contains a complete video compilation of the original opening and ending credits to some of my favorite anime along with their lyrics. I'm hoping to add more anime to my video collection soon. I'll keep you guys posted. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Moriyama Eiji Shrine

Name: Moriyama Eiji
Birthday: October 3, 1976
Height: 177 cm (5 ft 9 3/4 in)
Occupation: Japanese stage actor and seiyuu (voice actor) best known for his role as Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach and Momoshiro Takeshi in The Prince of Tennis Musical, Member of the entertainment group *pnish*

And now for some photos:

I definitely think he has the right to nickname himself "Sexy", even though he was joking when he said it. The first two photos above are my favorite. Incidentally, I believe they are the most recent among the pictures here. And here he is in character:

Moriyama Eiji as Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach

Moriyama Eiji as Momoshiro Takeshi in The Prince of Tennis Musical

Now is it just me, or is it hot in here? Hehe... :P

Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 003 Wallpapers

Yay! I found some BuriMyu (Rock Musical Bleach) pictures that are large enough to use as wallpaper. It's the photo shoot for The Live Bankai Show Code 003. I now have them alternating on my desktop. :)

Click on the pictures to view full size. Right-click and select Save Image As to download.


Too bad Aizen Sousuke wasn't in The Live Bankai Show Code 003. He would've looked great on my desktop. Hehe... Thanks for these pictures,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Koishite Akuma

Vampires have always fascinated me. Add love into the picture and my heart melts. When I was in college, I became addicted to Anne Rice's books in The Vampire Chronicles series. Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned... I wanted to become a vampire and escape reality. Watching Koishite Akuma brought back all those feelings quite unexpectedly. The story resonated with my soul so much that I was willing to forgive the somewhat cheesy and low-budget-like special effects.

What is it about vampires that fascinates me so much? Is it their beauty? Vampires are always portrayed as graceful beings of elegance and beauty. Superhuman powers? They can control people's thoughts, move faster than human eyes can see, shapeshift into animals, heal faster than Wolverine or maybe just as fast. Or is it their immortality?

In any case, Koishite Akuma made me fall in love and feel human again. Ironic, isn't it? A vampire reminded me that it's okay to "be human". It's okay to feel all emotions, whether good or bad. And allowing myself to feel instead of numbing myself to avoid any kind of pain or negative emotion is good for the soul every once in a while. I'm very glad I watched Koishite Akuma.

Nakayama Yuma as the vampire Kuromiya Ruka in Koishite Akuma

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach

Rock Musical Bleach? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But I'm not kidding, it really exists. While you (and also me at first) may not be able to imagine the zanpakuto-wielding baddy Ichigo Kurosaki singing and dancing, others have already been laughing their asses off watching him do just that. And yes, I also laughed my ass off while watching Rock Musical Bleach. It was so much fun. Why didn't I watch it sooner?!? :)

Rock Musical Bleach: Saien
For those of you who don't know, Rock Musical Bleach is a series of live shows that started in 2005 and ended in 2010. The ones that follow the main plotline of the Bleach anime series were (in correct order):

  • Rock Musical Bleach
  • Rock Musical Bleach: Saien
  • Rock Musical Bleach: The Dark of the Bleeding Moon
  • Rock Musical Bleach: No Clouds in the Blue Heavens
  • Rock Musical Bleach: The All

Saien is a better retelling of the first Rock Musical Bleach and covers more or less the same time frame. It begins with how Ichigo became a shinigami (soul reaper) and ends with his battle with Renji Abarai in the Soul Society. The Dark of the Bleeding Moon takes place entirely in the Soul Society. It begins with Ichigo and Ikkaku Madarame in the midst of battle and ends right before Rukia's execution. I loved the action sequences in this one. No Clouds in the Blue Heavens continues the Soul Society arc. The All is all the musicals put together.

There were also three other Rock Bleach Musical shows that were mainly made up of song performances and comedy skits although some parts of the Bleach story were told. They are:

  • Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001
  • Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002
  • Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 003

I wish I had heard of Rock Musical Bleach when it was still running. A few days ago, I saw photos of the actors in it and I thought they were rather cute. Take a look:

Now I love, love, love Rock Musical Bleach, especially the Live Bankai Shows. They're just so much fun! And I really love the songs. I watch all the Rock Musical Bleach DVDs over and over just so I can sing, and yes, dance along! Wanna join me? :)
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