Monday, March 7, 2011

Quotes From Kazehaya Shouta, Kimi ni Todoke Manga Volume 1

Kazehaya Shouta
Kimi ni Todoke

The following are quotes from Kazehaya Shouta, Kimi ni Todoke manga volume 1:

To Sawako after overhearing her talking about him:
"Hey, how should I take that?"

To Sawako during their first conversation:
"When you talk properly, you get your feelings across properly, right?"

To his classmates when they suggested that he date Sawako for one week as punishment for not completing the test of courage activity:
"I'll do anything besides that. That's too rude as a punishment game. Kuronuma's a girl, you know."

To Sawako after she expressed thanks to him for trying hard for her and and listening to her:
"You know, I think that you probably don't really understand me, Kuronuma."

To Sawako after he gave her the small bag of candy their classmates prepared for her as an apology:
"Is it all right if I anticipate meeting you over summer break, Kuronuma?"

Thinking to himself when Sawako totally didn't get what he was hinting at when he asked if he could anticipate meeting her over summer break:

"She meant 'attracted' as in respect! Not love...! I was so full of myself!"

Talking to Sawako:
"Actually I'm nervous now. Just a little bit, though."

To Sawako when she asked if it would be all right for her to see Kazehaya's adopted puppy again:
"What? Just the dog? What about me?"

To Sawako when she told him that he was the one giving her opportunities to become friends with everyone:

"I didn't do anything. I'm sure the others just didn't have the opportunity. There might be others who're waiting for an opportunity to talk to you."

To Sawako after she told him that he has the power to affect her:

"Everyone was affected by you trying your best. You didn't notice it? You affect me as well."


  1. Oh, yes. Kazehaya is cool. :)

  2. Kazehaya-kun is such a perfect guy!


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