Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episodes 11 & 12 Scheduled To Air Back-To-Back

Wah! The second season of Kimi ni Todoke, which is only thirteen episodes long, will be coming to an end very very soon. Episodes 11 and 12, the final two episodes (since season 2 started with episode 0), have been scheduled to air back-to-back tomorrow, after the series was delayed one week due to the earthquake and tsunami situation in Japan.

I am really very excited to watch the last two episodes of Kimi ni Todoke Season 2, and also sad that it'll be the end. The last scene of episode 10 was so good, I wanted to laugh and cry and jump and shriek at the same time! Oh my god, I feel warm and fuzzy all over just thinking about it. I will definitely watch it again. :)

For those of you who haven't seen it, here's a screenshot of the final scene of Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 10:

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 10 Final Scene

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