Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach Karaoke Download

Download the official karaoke versions of these two Rock Musical Bleach songs here:

Bleach (DX Version Karaoke)
Mou Hitotsu no Chijou (DX Version Karaoke)

Thank you, Eri-chan for these. :)

I love singing to the songs of Rock Musical Bleach. I even made my own karaoke versions of the other songs that don't have official karaoke versions. The quality isn't that great, but I'm willing to share them if anybody wants them. Just drop me a line.



  1. I love the Rock Musical Bleach too! o /
    And you'd love to share what you got the karoke! ^ ^

    Could you have the DX versions of songs from Rock Musical Bleach?
    If you love to have them too! o /

    Visit my blog:

  2. Hi, Sir Sarah Hellsing. Glad to see another fellow Rock Musical Bleach fan. :) Here are the DX versions with vocals:

    Bleach ft. Rukia, Ichigo and Yoruichi
    Mou Hitotsu no Chijou

    The karaoke tracks above are also for the DX versions by the way. :)

  3. Thank you! Anything just ask too! o /

    This is my msn:

  4. You're welcome. And thanks. :)


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