Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach Backstage Specials

The backstage specials are definitely one of my favorite parts of Rock Musical Bleach. You get to see the cast rehearsing, expressing their thoughts, or just plain goofing around. The backstage specials also include random footage from shows other than the one recorded for the DVD and footage of what goes on backstage while the show is going on.

My most favorite part though has got to be at the end of the very last show for each run where all the cast members talk to the audience. You can really feel their earnestness and passion. And they're all such a crazy bunch of goofballs I can't stop laughing! The audience seems to love it as well. (Wish I could have been there!) These two videos are clips from the backstage specials for Rock Musical Bleach (2005) and Rock Musical Bleach: Saien (2006). I'd have loved to include the ones from the other shows, but they haven't been subbed in English yet. :(

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