Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rock Musical Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo Solos

Kurosaki Ichigo
Now it's time for me to introduce the "star" of Rock Musical Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo! For those who haven't read the manga or seen the anime, the story of Bleach revolves around a ghost-seeing human boy named Kurosaki Ichigo who was plunged into the world of the Shinigami (Soul Reapers) by chance when a Hollow (soul-eating spirit or ghost) came to attack his family and Kuchiki Rukia, one of the Shinigami, came to their rescue.

In Rock Musical Bleach, we not only get to see Ichigo fight, we also get to see him dance and sing! Okay, so I couldn't help but laugh when I first saw it. Nothing in the manga or anime could have ever prepared me for the dancing Ichigo, but then it kind of grew on me. And Isaka Tatsuya, the actor who plays Ichigo, is so adorable both onstage and backstage. ^_^

These three songs are Kurosaki Ichigo solos: Kore ga Kurosaki Ichigo Daze is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 001, Where is My Body? is from Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 002, and Ore wa Kurosaki Ichigo ni Naru is from Rock Musical Bleach: No Clouds in the Blue Heavens.

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