Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad English Dubbed Anime

I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I seem to have run out of good English dubbed anime to watch. And I'm not talking about the plot of the story itself because a handful of the anime I've been watching lately have somewhat decent storylines, but the voice acting, voice quality of the English voice cast (and also the way they pronounced words), and overall sound mixing sounded terrible! Now I understand why a lot of people say that English dubbed anime sucks. They probably watched the same ones I saw recently.

Why do I say the voice acting was terrible? Well for one, the characters sounded like they're reading from a script. They over-enunciated each word and spoke so slowly that they just sounded unnatural if not flat. Their voices did not contain the emotion portrayed by their character's face or body during some scenes. Their voices were annoyingly shrill at times probably in an effort to make the character sound young. Then there's that "pausing at the wrong time in the middle of the sentence" habit that they seem to have. My poor heart (and ears) can't take it!

Examples of anime I've seen recently which were, in my opinion, horribly dubbed although I've never seen the original Japanese versions:
Too bad, because these anime had a few hot guys in them. Hehe.

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