Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Anime Videos Page

Hi, everyone. I've added a new videos page to my blog, the link to which can be found at the top of the page. It contains a complete video compilation of the original opening and ending credits to some of my favorite anime along with their lyrics. I'm hoping to add more anime to my video collection soon. I'll keep you guys posted. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Moriyama Eiji Shrine

Name: Moriyama Eiji
Birthday: October 3, 1976
Height: 177 cm (5 ft 9 3/4 in)
Occupation: Japanese stage actor and seiyuu (voice actor) best known for his role as Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach and Momoshiro Takeshi in The Prince of Tennis Musical, Member of the entertainment group *pnish*

And now for some photos:

I definitely think he has the right to nickname himself "Sexy", even though he was joking when he said it. The first two photos above are my favorite. Incidentally, I believe they are the most recent among the pictures here. And here he is in character:

Moriyama Eiji as Abarai Renji in Rock Musical Bleach

Moriyama Eiji as Momoshiro Takeshi in The Prince of Tennis Musical

Now is it just me, or is it hot in here? Hehe... :P

Rock Musical Bleach: The Live Bankai Show Code 003 Wallpapers

Yay! I found some BuriMyu (Rock Musical Bleach) pictures that are large enough to use as wallpaper. It's the photo shoot for The Live Bankai Show Code 003. I now have them alternating on my desktop. :)

Click on the pictures to view full size. Right-click and select Save Image As to download.


Too bad Aizen Sousuke wasn't in The Live Bankai Show Code 003. He would've looked great on my desktop. Hehe... Thanks for these pictures,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Koishite Akuma

Vampires have always fascinated me. Add love into the picture and my heart melts. When I was in college, I became addicted to Anne Rice's books in The Vampire Chronicles series. Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned... I wanted to become a vampire and escape reality. Watching Koishite Akuma brought back all those feelings quite unexpectedly. The story resonated with my soul so much that I was willing to forgive the somewhat cheesy and low-budget-like special effects.

What is it about vampires that fascinates me so much? Is it their beauty? Vampires are always portrayed as graceful beings of elegance and beauty. Superhuman powers? They can control people's thoughts, move faster than human eyes can see, shapeshift into animals, heal faster than Wolverine or maybe just as fast. Or is it their immortality?

In any case, Koishite Akuma made me fall in love and feel human again. Ironic, isn't it? A vampire reminded me that it's okay to "be human". It's okay to feel all emotions, whether good or bad. And allowing myself to feel instead of numbing myself to avoid any kind of pain or negative emotion is good for the soul every once in a while. I'm very glad I watched Koishite Akuma.

Nakayama Yuma as the vampire Kuromiya Ruka in Koishite Akuma

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Romance Simulation Games

I've been listening to this audiobook by Daniel Pink entitled "A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future", and in this book the author talks about how computer and video games can help develop the right brain. Quoted from the book:

"There’s also evidence that playing video games enhances the right-brain ability to solve problems that require pattern recognition. Many aspects of video gaming resemble the aptitude of Symphony—spotting trends, drawing connections, and discerning the big picture. “What we need people to learn is how to think deeply about complex systems (e.g., modern workplaces, the environment, international relations, social interactions, cultures, etc.) where everything interacts in complicated ways with everything else and bad decisions can make for disasters,” says Gee. Computer and video games can teach that.'"

(Kids, remember this book when your parents nag you about spending so much time on video games. Hehe.)

So I thought I'd try some computer and video games.

Since I am more interested in romance comedies than action adventures, I decided to do some research on dating simulation games like the one Renge played in Ouran High School Host Club. I was surprised to find out that dating simulation games, like anime and manga, are almost entirely from Japan. "Romance Simulation Games" they're called in the Land of the Rising Sun, and there are three basic categories: bishojo games, otome games, and eroge games.

In a nutshell, bishojo games have one male character trying to make several girls fall in love with him. Otome games are the opposite; there's one female character trying to make several boys fall in love with her. Eroge games can either be bishojo or otome, the difference is that eroge games have explicit content.

Otome games tickled my fancy, and off I went googling for otome games. To my dismay, I found out that these games are not sold outside Japan at all - hence there are no English versions! Waaah! I had already gotten myself so worked up about playing Hakuouki! I loved the anime so I knew I would love the game as well.

Hakuouki Playstation 3

And also, who wouldn't want to play Hakuouki after this:

Saitou Hajime as a rasetsu sucking blood from Chizuru's earlobe

"One of the sweet scenes in Saitou’s route is during one of his blood-sucking scenes. As usual, Chizuru offered her blood to Saitou and created a small wound on her lobe. And when Saitou was taking blood from it, Chizuru noticed that even though the wound has closed (because she is an oni) Saitou still kept in the position so Chizuru asked whether he needs more blood but Saitou quickly stood up pushing her away while mumbling that it is not like he needs more blood." (Credit: 

I really really hope romance simulation games, particularly Hakuouki, make it out of Japan sometime soon. :)
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