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Quotes From Kyoya Ootori, Ouran High School Host Club

Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori, vice-president of the Ouran Host Club and club president Tamaki Suoh's best friend, is probably mainly responsible for the Host Club's success due to his pragmatism and skill when it comes to handling finances. And he is also very intelligent and incredibly witty, which makes him the perfect specimen for gathering quotes. Here are the most memorable ones:

To the president of the Ouran Newspaper Club who was out to get the Host Club's president Tamaki Suoh:
“Let me explain it to you in terms you can understand. You would do well to remember that the Ootori group and the Hitachiin family alone own enough stock to remove your father from his position as President of the Komatsuzawa Publishing Firm. However, we would never do something like that. We are not like you. What we strive for is fundamentally different."

To the Hitachiin twins when they begged him to do something about Renge Houshakuji's plan to spice up the character backgrounds of the Host Club boys:
"Why? It seems like the boss is up for it... Let's just wait and see how things turn out. I bet it'll be interesting. It always is."

Upon being woken up by Tamaki and the other Host Club boys so they could all go to a "commoner" expo:
“For your information, I was up until 5 a.m. you morons, which if you hadn't noticed makes me a little less than happy about being woken up... Okay, enough with the commoner shtick. If you formulaic halfwits feel like wasting all afternoon on worn out old clich├ęs, go right ahead and suit yourselves.”

About Haruhi's comment that Kyoya would never take advantage of her because he wouldn't gain anything from it:
"Nothing to be gained from it, huh? An interesting thought... in its own way."

To Tamaki after Tamaki's outburst about wanting to win a contest to prove to Haruhi that he's "worthy of being considered part of her top five":
"Grandiose ambitions aside, I think your approach to winning is a bit skewed."

To Kaoru about Kaoru's scheme to let Hikaru learn how to show his feelings to other people by arranging for him to have a date with Haruhi:
"By the way, a question about your strategy: Did you ever consider the possibility the date might go too well and those two might fall in love?"

To Haruhi after her comment about not knowing that there was so much pressure on Kyoya to succeed being the youngest of three brothers:
"Pressure? Oh no, Haruhi, I can think of nothing more fun than this."

To Haruhi after her comment about Kyoya going to all that trouble acting like he's such a big jerk when being a nice guy comes so naturally to him:
"That's a very intriguing notion in its own way."

To Kaoru and Hikaru who were about to induce amnesia on Ritsu Kasanoda who accidentally saw Haruhi in her underwear by hitting him on the head with a baseball bat:
"That's enough, you two. Leave assault and battery to the professionals."

To his sister after she told him that it's all right for him to take it easy sometimes because their father doesn't expect as much from him compared with his older brothers:
"I know. I'll never be successor to the Ootori family. I'm not like my brothers. All they had to do was follow the path that had been promised to them - the path that keeps heading upward. It's because I'm the third son that I can't relax. I'll surpass Father's expectations of me, and I will respect my brothers and never step on their toes in the process. How can I demonstrate my abilities without exceeding the limits of being the third son? I have a daunting task: I must paint the perfect picture on a canvas that has already been placed inside a magnificent frame."

To Tamaki after Tamaki overshot the Host Club's budget for the Ouran Fair:
"Must you always be so capricious? Your impulsiveness overwhelms my accounting skills."

To the Host Club boys about Tamaki's not-so-good family relations:
“It’s easy to feel sorry for him. But the hardships that he endured as a child helped mold him into the person he is today. He’ll be fine. The Host Club is his refuge, which means when all is said and done, he still has us.”


  1. Oh, Kyouya, always so admirable astute and articulate.

  2. You are quite right, Serena. And brains are always so attractive on a man... but I'm biased because Kyoya is my favorite host. Hehe. :D

  3. OOHHHHH,all my favorites,i'm kyouya's BIGGEST fan. :D

  4. You and me both, kyouyarules! I love everything about Kyoya as well. Hehe. :D

  5. *Sigh* I jst wish that the host club was real and I could be a part of it. Why! Why did you create such great characters Bisco Hatori!

  6. I know, right? I want to be Haruhi! Hah! :D

  7. I agree with you about wishing the host club was real, however, I don't understand why all of them dote over Haruhi when she is so... monotonous... they should have created her with more aptitude and pizzazz. She has the personality of a brick.

  8. I would disagree. :) I like Haruhi's calmness and level-headedness. I get tired of high-strung, whiny girls who talk in an annoyingly high-pitched voice all the time. Haruhi is refreshingly composed and subdued. :)

  9. Well, yes. The those are great qualities and I do like them in her. I understand why she was created like that, and I understand why the Host Club likes her as a person. I really don't understand how all of them being so different, swoon about the same girl.

  10. Because it's every girl's secret desire to have all the guys swoon over her? Hehe... just kidding. :D

  11. well, I would have to agree with you there... xD

  12. OMG! Kyoya is so amazing!!! i love kyoya!

  13. Well said, Susan!! My thoughts exactly about Haruhi. That's why I really love her. She is so refreshingly different with her calmness/levelheadedness .. even when she has an interest in any of the OHSHC members, you know she won't fall into one annoying/too desperate/immature girl. Wish there are more female lead characters similar to this.

  14. I love how Kyoya always has something up his sleeves hehe .. He is such an intelligent hot guy.. and I love an intelligent hot man .. what a coincidence hahaha .. :) He appears to be rough on the edges but I think he is actually soft in the inside ;)

  15. Now open for registration... the animemanga4all Kyoya Ootori fan club! Hahaha! :D

    Seriously, I'd love to see more of Kyoya as an adult. The manga had this special story that showed the host club guys and Haruhi all grown up, and Kyoya looked even hotter in it. :D

  16. Ooohh ... I have to read that special manga!!! hehe ...

  17. Btw .. where can you read that special story?

  18. I got it from Omari's Sister Anime & Manga Blog, but they've probably retired it by now. They only make a title available for a certain period of time and then they take it down. Sorry.

    That's where I get a lot of my manga. They have several good romance one-shots too. :)

  19. Oh, and there's going to be two new Ouran High School Host Club special stories to commemorate the live action TV series. The first one is already out. You can get it from Omari's Sister while it's still up:

    Ouran High School Host Club July 2011 Special Chapter


  20. Thank's million for the link, Susan!! :)


    I hope such lovely ladies visit the host club. We have new merchandise.

  22. Though it is two years after the original discussion, I'd like to weigh in on why it is that the boys all seem to swoon for Haruhi.

    The simple fact of the matter is she has one particular trait that appeals to each boy.

    Let's just use Kyoya for an example (though I'm not an avid shipper of Kyoya and Haruhi simply because I imagine myself to be his wife XD)

    Haruhi appeals to Kyoya because despite his well done facade, she could see through him into his heart and acknowledge that he is so much more than the asshole-ish third son of the Ootori family. She could see that deep down he was a good man with a compassionate and tender heart and though he often times appears selfish, he is quite the opposite.

    Anyhow, that's just my take on things... And since I simply adore Kyoya I thought I'd comment~!

  23. Ultimately, what I believe is: Kyoya and Haruhi were destined from the beginning. It's such an unfortunate event that they have so many fall and swoon for her (I like it in all honesty, but it is a bit much, irregardless, it's a story nonetheless), I just wish they had Kyoya incorporated more. I like all of the Host Club members, but hey I like Kyoya most! ^w^ And frankly, I could careless for Tamaki.


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