Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quotes From Tamaki Suoh, Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki Suoh, founder and president of the Ouran Host Club, may seem like a naive idiot most of the time, but nuggets of wisdom worthy of being quoted and others not so wise but still worthy to be quoted do come out of his mouth at unexpected moments. Here are the most memorable ones:

To Haruhi Fujioka the first time Haruhi, an exceptional honor student who got into Ouran Academy on a scholarship, stumbled into the music room where the Host Club holds its meetings:
"You're a hero to other poor people, Fujioka. You've shown the world that even a poor person can excel at an elite private academy. It must be hard for you to constantly be looked down upon by others... Spurned, neglected, but that doesn't matter now. Long live the poor! We welcome you, poor man, to our world... of beauty!"
To Haruhi Fujioka about his helping her search for her wallet in the school pond:
"A little water never hurt anyone. Besides, people are always telling me that I'm dripping with good looks."

To Mitsukuni Haninozuka about Mitsukuni's denying his love for sweets and cute stuff and acting tough in order to meet other people's expectations of him as the next head of the Haninozuka martial arts clan: 
“Do you think you could tell me what true strength is?  I may be out of line, but hiding your true self and putting on airs doesn’t seem any different than running away to me. I would think that embracing the things you truly like and being able to enjoy them is worth more than anything. To just be yourself… I believe that’s what true strength really is.”

Babbling after his daydream about Haruhi and himself:
"Envious, Hikaru? This is all part of my strategy. While you've wasted time blinded by your jealousy, I've foreseen the outcome of this charade. Ah... This anime's obviously a romantic school comedy. Haruhi and I are the main characters, so that means we're love interests... You boys are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure that you don't step across this line."

To the Hitachiin twins Kaoru and Hikaru after the brothers agreed to consider joining Tamaki's Host Club if he could tell "Which one is Hikaru?":
"...It's still too early for me to tell (you apart). I mean, you are both totally identical. But it all depends on how you choose to look at it. Being so identical is a talent in and of itself. So from now on you should try to perfect the whole two-in-one Hitachiin brothers act. But you mustn't forget that you're also independent beings with your own personalities. And while you're doing that, I'll keep bugging you until I can tell you apart." 

To the Host Club about the Hitachiin twins fighting with each other for the first time ever:
"...I've only known the twins since they were in middle school, but they definitely stood out... It seemed like they kept everyone at a distance except each other. Believe it or not, they were even more warped back then. When you stop and think about it, maybe this fight is a good thing for them. Maybe it means that the twins are expanding their horizons a bit. We should just leave them alone and let them work it out."

To nobody in particular after the Hikaru and Kaoru's scheme to get Haruhi to agree to them visiting her house:
"Twins with too much time on their hands... are the devil."

To the Host Club boys during their visit to Haruhi's house:
"This place is quite unpleasant but I think I may have underestimated commoner housing. I know it's a tight fit in here, men, but just pull your knees in and sit gym style. Commoners have specially developed this position to conserve space."

To Haruhi Fujioka while Haruhi was cringing in the closet terrified of thunder:
“By yourself? You’re always by yourself… all alone in your home. You never call us for help even though we’re so close. I get it. I understand now, Haruhi. I’m sorry I acted the way I did. You grew up without relying on anyone else, but not anymore. You can come out now. You don’t have to be afraid. I’ll always be here for you, Haruhi. I promise that you’ll never be alone again.” 

To Hikaru over the phone after realizing that Hikaru had left Haruhi out alone in a thunderstorm:
"You idiot! I want you to turn around and start looking for Haruhi right now! What kind of jerk would leave a girl out in a thunderstorm like this by herself? Now you listen to me, Haruhi is terrified of thunder. Whenever she hears it, she gets so scared she can't even move. Why don't you spend less time concentrating on your jealousy and worry about someone else for once!"

Trying in vain to figure out his feelings for Haruhi:
“I need to sort this out… If supposing I’m not my Haruhi’s daddy after all… then how can it be that I find her so utterly adorable? …When she’s with another man, why is it that I become so insanely jealous? I’m not her father; I have no right to be so protective – no right whatsoever…”

To Ritsu Kasanoda who Tamaki diagnosed as needing a "lovely item":
"I'm sorry but Hunny-sempai is on a long-term lease to Mori-sempai right now so I can't let you borrow him."

To Kyoya Ootori after Kyoya accused him of giving up on being the Suoh family successor so easily:
"Hold on, it sounds to me like you're the one who isn't trying. If you really want to surpass your brothers then you can do it. But I think the one who's given up here is you, Kyoya."

To Éclair Tonnerre, the girl his grandmother "ordered" him to marry:
“I have a question. Are you sure about this? Will you even be happy married to me or are you just following orders?”


  1. you forgot:
    after getting own way
    woof!woof woof! :3

  2. Haha! Tamaki is full of crazy stuff like that. Like when he calls Kyoya "mama"... so funny. :D

  3. ahh only Tamaki could come up with the stuff he says... Gotta love him!

  4. Oh yes, he's like an adorable little puppy that you can't help but love. But he is also wise in his own way, don't you think? ;D

  5. i like the fact that he calls Kyoya mama 2 its cute and his pesonality is one of a kind, hes just a stupid kid that you have to love

  6. Yeah, he acts dumb yet he's so profound at times. But I guess that's why we love him. :)

  7. i rEALLy LOve tAmaki no mAtter hOW dumb he may be

  8. Yeah, but I think the "dumbness" may be more accurately described as being "pure of heart". Tamaki is innocent and naive to the point of oblivion. Haha! :D

  9. I just re-watched the first episode...Tamaki was an a$$ to Haruhi before he found out she was a girl... His character changed, but in the beginning of the series, he was a total jerk.

  10. Really? I never got that impression, Ecogirl. :) To me, Tamaki was just being his usual crazy, over-the-top self at the beginning of the series. I didn't feel any malicious intent at all. And didn't Tamaki help Haruhi look for her wallet in the pond? That was before he found out that she was a girl. :)

  11. my favorite is:
    Tamaki: a young lady should never refer to herself as a DUDE! MAMA! Harui is using those dirty boy words again!
    Hikaru: Im sorry but who is mama?
    Kyoya: Based on club position i assume its me...
    hahahaha <3

  12. Hahaha! Yeah, I remember that scene. So funny. :D

  13. Which episode is "...I've foreseen the outcome of this charade. Ah... This anime's obviously a romantic school comedy. Haruhi and I are the main characters so that means we're love interests... You boys are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure that you don't step across this line." from???

  14. It's in episode 3 at 7:57. :) I scanned through the episodes and got lucky. Hehe. This scene is really funny though. :D

  15. funny how it's always about the twins :3
    (well, mostly xD)

  16. Haha! I hadn't noticed that. :)

  17. HAHAHA!!!! The things that come out from Tamaki's lips are freaking hilarious!!!! He is so funny ... I also think he is not dumb at all .. He is just innocent/pure hearted/sweet .. but yet wise .. He is so adorable. I love him .. Even "apathethic" Haruhi can't resist his puppy eye look charm :)

  18. So true. :) Tamaki is adorable like a puppy. Hehe. :)

  19. Haha, what about...
    "My own words..twisted and thrown back at me!"

  20. Hehe... that was something about family, wasn't it? I'll have to find that scene again... :D

  21. I cant believe that someone would call him a idiot. I love him i would m he was marry him well if was real

  22. Haha! We can have a double marriage then, 'cause I'd marry Kyoya if HE were real. Hehe... ;P

  23. My favorite would be, "I smile because I am your Sempai. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

  24. remember the episode ''the twins fight''?
    that episode is so funny like the other epidoes(guess watch it later)!!!!

  25. I love what he said about the twins being devils, I actually made a plac that was made out of plastic that had that on there!

  26. "You guys are the homosexual supporting cast" xD omg


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