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Quotes From The Hitachiin Twins, Ouran High School Host Club

The Hitachiin Twins

The Ouran Host Club's Hitachiin Twins Kaoru and Hikaru, who seem to take pleasure in making Tamaki Suoh jealous over Haruhi Fujioka, have some entertaining quotes between the two of them. Here are the most memorable ones:

To some Host Club clients:
Hikaru and Kaoru: "Let's all play the 'Which one is Hikaru?' game! ...So... can you tell which one of us is Hikaru? ...Many ladies have tried to tell us apart but so far none have succeeded!"

To Haruhi Fujioka after Haruhi commented about not understanding why Kaoru and Hikaru are so popular:
Kaoru: "Apparently you don't understand the merits of having a pair of twins as members of the Host Club."
Hikaru: "Listen up. Having a couple of good-looking guys with homosexual tendencies earns the club high points. It also helps that the two struggle between their attraction and their friendship."
Kaoru: "And in our case because we're twins our relationship is taboo and therefore more intriguing."
Hikaru: "And besides, who hasn't fantasized about twins? Having two loves is better than one, don't you think?"
Kaoru: "It's a young woman's romantic fantasy."

About themselves:
Kaoru: "We were always contradicting ourselves. We wanted to be told apart - We didn't want to be told apart. We wanted people to know us - We didn't want them to know. We were always looking for someone who would finally accept us. But there was no way that would ever happen, not as twisted as we were. We were so afraid of someone breaking through our barrier and hurting us, we kept a strong lock on our hearts to protect ourselves."

While fighting with each other for the first time: 
Hikaru: "Cut it out already! You're the one who's always crawling into my bed - talk about annoying!"
Kaoru: "I only do that 'cause you look lonely! I wouldn't choose to sleep in your bed, you idiot!"
Hikaru: "Who are you calling an idiot? You're the one who sucks at Math!"
Kaoru: "Oh yeah? Well, you're failing your Foreign Language class, you big dummy!"
Hikaru: "Mmgh, the way you grind your teeth is deafening!"
Kaoru: "At least I don't toss and turn so much that I fall out of bed!"
Hikaru: "Sex pixie!"
Kaoru: "Sicko!"
Hikaru and Kaoru: "Your momma wears too much makeup! That's it! We're over!"

Near the conclusion of the same fight:
Hikaru: "Everytime I look in the mirror I see his face. I'm sick and tired of constantly being mistaken for you, Kaoru. The truth is: I hate your guts!"
Kaoru: "You took the words right out of my mouth. In fact, I hate you so much I bought this: Beelzenef the cursed doll!"

After Haruhi proved that she could tell the twins apart no matter how much they tried to confuse her:
Kaoru: "Do you realize what's happened, Hikaru? Until now, there were only two groups of people: Us and everyone else. But for the first time, someone's crossed into our world."

Speaking about their Class Rep who they were trying to scare during their after-dark class activity:
Hikaru and Kaoru: "You mean..."
Hikaru: "Oh crap, he's totally pure!"
Kaoru: "He's got a heart of gold, Hikaru!"
Hikaru and Kaoru: "Our powers are nothing against his wholesomeness!"
Kaoru: "So, does this mean we have to help him now?"

Thinking about his relationship with Hikaru:
Kaoru: "One day Hikaru will realize he wants to take the next step on his own... When that happens, I don't know what I'll do."

To explain why he set Hikaru and Haruhi up on a date:
Kaoru: “I guess you could say Hikaru’s immature. He lets his emotions take over. See, I’m not sure he’s even aware of it, but I can tell that he cares about Haruhi. He just doesn’t know how to react so his emotions run wild. He’s selfish and wants all of her attention. He wants to be acknowledged by her but doesn’t know how to make that happen. If you want true friends, friends who aren’t only your toys, you have to learn to respect them. That’s the only way you can have a meaningful relationship. And I think it’s about time that Hikaru learned that lesson himself.”

To Ritsu Kasanoda who accidentally walked in on Haruhi changing clothes:
Hikaru and Kaoru: "You saw Haruhi's underwear?!"
Kaoru: "So what do we do?"
Hikaru: "There's only one thing to do! We have to induce amnesia!"

While Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi were chasing Éclair Tonnerre's car to the airport to stop Tamaki from leaving:
Kaoru: "Hikaru, don't you think we should slow down? Somebody could get hurt!"
Hikaru: "We're not slowing down 'til we get the boss back."
Kaoru: "But Hikaru..."
Hikaru: "If it wasn't for Tamaki, then the two of us would still only be lost souls. We were able to become friends with Haruhi and the others because the Host Club brought us together. To think that all of it could end so suddenly like this... is something that I can't tolerate!"


  1. hey im a big fan of the twins, did you just get this info from the whatching the episods, did you even read the books?

  2. I lifted the quotes from the episodes, Joie. I've also read the manga scanslations, but they don't always have the best English, so I opted to quote the anime. :) I might consider writing quotes from the manga when I buy the official English releases, which I am planning to do in the future. :)

  3. omg i love the twins
    my fave characters
    though they make me sad...especially hikarou

  4. I like the twins as well, but I can't tell them apart. Hehe. Do they make you sad because they were so lonely in their own small world before Tamaki, Haruhi and the rest of the host club members came along? Or is it for some other reason?

  5. Hikaru has a mischievous voice while Kaoru has a deep voice-that's how you tell them apart.But if you still don't get what I'm saying Hikaru's hair (ya know,the front or the pointy one) faces the right,while Kaoru's faces the left.

  6. Thanks. When I was watching the show, I realized one of them had a higher raspier voice than the other, but even after I'd associated the voices to their names on one episode, I'd forget on the next. The hair didn't help either. Hehe. :P

  7. i can always tell the twins apart! i have many tactics to it, some of the things i look for are: hikaru is usually standing on the right while kaoru is on the left, if they are wearing casual or holding some sort of objects (like pretty roses!) hikaru's colour preference is blue while kaoru likes orange, kaoru's voice is slightly deeper and raspier than hikaru's, kaoru's hair is normally parted on the right side hikaru's on the left (if i remember correctly), when they do something for the girls normally kaoru is the one getting hurt and looked after while hikaru is the one taking care of him (e.g. when kaoru cut his hand on a tea cup), and i think that's about it XD i hope this helps anyone who has trouble telling them apart!! The Hitachiin twins rock!!!

  8. Wow, you really did your homework. Thanks for the tips. :)

  9. ahhh i have some more to add!
    occasionaly in the anime hikaru has a slightly lighter skin tone than kaoru, also ven though i mentioned that when assosiated with a colour hikaru's is normally blue. In episode 6 (or was it seven?) when they were at the water park he was wearing green shorts. And in the heach episodr kaoru is wearing purple shorts while hikaru is wearing red ones. (Just so you know i pay way to much attention to detail xD)

  10. *all
    I fail haha

  11. Haha! You'd most definitely win the "Which one is Hikaru?" game. :D

  12. So.. the line where it says, "Mmgh, the way you grind your teeth is definitely...." is incorrectly quoted. It's supposed to be "Mmgh, the way you grind you teeth is DEAFENING." Deafening, as in very loud. Yea.

  13. Thanks, Eli. It does make more sense that way, doesn't it? :) I'll find that episode and listen to the line again. :)

  14. And you're absolutely correct, Eli. I listened to it again and Hikaru did indeed say, "The way you grind your teeth is deafening!" I appreciate your telling me. Thanks. :D

  15. i can ALWAYS tell them apart because Kaoru's voice is by the same person who voices youhei sunohara from clannad <3 hahah i love both of them so much <3

  16. In the anime in the episode "twins fight" Kaoru had blue hair while Hikaru had pink. You can't really tell them apart by the way they part their hair because they switch parts, remember? Kaoru [in my opinion] has the more mischievous, little kid voice (he's voiced by Greg Ayres: Bido in FMA and Shinji in FMP!.) while Hikaru has the deeper voice [Todd Haberkorn: FMA:B's Ling Yao, Hetalia's Italy, Sgt. Frog's Keroro [originally Giroro]). Individually, Hikaru is the more mischievous twin who can't control his anger while Kaoru is the calmer, more in control with his emotions twin. I do have to say though, the twins are a favorite part of Ouran to me.

  17. Hmm... I see. :) Switching subjects, does anybody have news about the new live action Ouran? :)

  18. I hear it's fake, but I do hope it's real.

  19. The live action Ouran has already been formally announced. :) Here:

    Wikipedia says it'll start airing in July 2011. I hope it gets subbed right away. :)

  20. it started last july 22, 2011

    watch the trailer at youtube....

  21. The twins are wicked devilish chums .. It is a part of their charms .. You gotta love them .. haha ... :) Like Kyoya, they always have something up their sleeves .. something mischievous for sure!!! I love how they go as far as pretending to fight with each other, dye their hair, yelling at each other and call their own mama wearing to much make up .. hahaha ... just because they are bored and have too much time on their hands .. They are hilarious!!

  22. Quite right. To quote Tamaki, "Twins with too much time on their hands are the devil." :D They've got that boyish charm going for them as well. :)

  23. Hahaha ... You are absolutely right, Susan!! Tamaki did say that about them.. And he is right on the money :) Hitachiin brothers do have boyish charm for sure .. I agree with you.

  24. Now if I can just remember which twin is which... Hehe.

  25. Ditto on the voice, Kaoru's voice is raspier and even though he is the younger brother, he is the more mature one. He is my favorite brother because in the manga, he realizes his feelings for Haruhi first and ignores them, giving Hikaru time to realize his feelings and when Hikaru does realize his feelings he puts his brother's feelings before his and lets Haruhi go so his brother has a better chance. SO SWEET!!!!

  26. Only the first episode and part of the second, Nikita. I kind of fell asleep in the middle of second episode. :P But since I love the anime, I'll probably continue the live action drama when I absolutely run out of better shows to watch. Hehe. :)

  27. I tend to favor Kaoru for some reason, but I like them both! And they're hilarious! :D I wish I had a twin...

  28. I also wish I have a twin but I'm still young so I will get over it. Im quoting karou fite now but I'm still waiting for my carriage to turn into a pumpkin. And I so totally feel sorry for karou. B-because he and hikaru are growing apart and its making me sad even tho I'm in love with karou..... xc

    When Chika is in the Karate Club, and the Hosts are spying on him, the twins get bored and skip (or prance, you choose)away singing in Unison "We're going to find something more entertaining!" I find it hilarious and I am HIGHLY dissappointed that it was not included.
    I rest my case.

    1. Haha! Thank you for including it then. :)

  30. ps. I love Hikaoru, The most mischievous on my terms

  31. I love the twins! Although I have a soft spot for Kaoru :)) Yeah, I alway check their hair and listen to their voices, and try to see if they're wearing something different! Also, they pronounce 'Hikaru' differently. Hikaru pronounces it faster, more like 'HI-kuh-ru', whereas Kaoru pronounces it slower to where it sounds like his own name, 'HI-kaoru'.

    Some other good quotes from them are "MASS PRODUCTION! MASS PRODUCTION!" from when they're at the department store and when they tell Tamaki during the physical exam that about their trick: "That's payback for calling us the homosexual supporting cast!"

  32. I need to know... And I also feel bad for saying it but trust me I've tried so hard to figure it out... How do you pronounce Kaoru's name? Also, about the twins in general... I've been asked many times which twin is my favourite, but they're both so cute it's so hard to choose!! It depends on how I'm feeling at the time, I guess! And finally... I can't watch any episode after 13! Not without a flash player, at least. And I wanna watch them so badly!!!!! Any tips??

    1. There's no special pronunciation to Kaoru's name, really. Just sound out the letters. :) Are you streaming episodes online? I'm not very familiar with it, but I think you're going to have to download flash player.

  33. Does anybody know where to watch the original episodes online? I can only find the abridged ones now. and episode 20 has a funny part that had me laughing so hard that my mom was asking me if I was high or something.

    1. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with online viewing. Maybe Crunchyroll?

    2. I used Netflix.


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