Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quotes From Zero Kiryu, Vampire Knight

Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight Disciplinary Committee member Zero Kiryu puts on a bad guy facade but in reality is very deeply in love with Yuki Cross. The contradictory emotions raging within him often show through his words and actions. Here are a few memorable quotes from Zero Kiryu:

To Yuki Cross about her infatuation with Kaname Kuran:
"You're so obvious, it's pathetic."

To Headmaster Cross about their job in the Disciplinary Committee:
"Why are we doing this? Come on, Headmaster. Our job is to work security, not be bodyguards for celebrities!

To Headmaster Cross after the Headmaster rambled about alleviating his guilt by giving the job of keeping the night class's secret to his dear son and daughter:
"I admit I do have certain obligations to you, but I do not remember agreeing to become your son!"

To Lily the horse when Yuki barged into the stable where Zero was taking a nap:
"Easy there, Lily. Calm down. She's a very simple, uncomplicated girl. She's by no means a threat to you even if she tried to be."

To Yuki Cross who was staring at Kaname Kuran from outside the window:
"How's Kaname Kuran tonight? I know he's your hero."

To Aido Hanabusa who was trying to drink blood from Yuki's neck:
"Drinking blood on school grounds is strictly prohibited."

After Kaname somewhat sarcastically asks how he is feeling and tells him to take care:
"Listen, if you want to challenge me, I'll be ready and waiting anytime you want, Kaname."

To the night class when they tried to ambush him:
"Come on then, vampires. Go ahead, I'm in a bad mood anyway."

To Yuki after drinking her blood:
"This being I've become is despicable. Even if I loathe vampires, even if I don't want to hurt anyone, I can't stop myself from lusting for blood."

Dragging Yuki out of the night class dorm:

"Don't let yourself be carried off. Come on."

To Yuki after she tried to sacrifice herself to save Zero:
"Why do you insist on doing this? You don't need to care for me so much. I'm really glad nothing happened to you."


  1. ♥ hey vampire ! dOn't yOo knOw that i'm inluv w/ yOo ??? !!!

  2. I like zero more than kanami... Sorry kaname fans,lol... I know its so obvious to whom will yuki ended up with but, i still do hope she will end up with zero...

  3. I once did a poll on Zero versus Kaname somewhere and Zero dominated it, so you're not alone. Hehe. :)

  4. huh, why would they turn zero to vampire anyway~!? X(

    1. Because there are some fans that might find vampires very mysterious and... handsome.

    2. Maybe because the animators thought some fans might find this show more interesting and find it more intriguing if the protagonists were vampires? That made me swoon~! :3

  5. ZERO_KUN ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I REALLY LUV ANYTHING OF ZERO XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. i was actually really dissapointed Yuuki didn't chose Zero, it really hurt me inside.

  8. zero freakin roxs

  9. waiting for the third season breaks😍😍 luv yah Zero😘


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