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Quotes From Kuronuma Sawako, Kimi ni Todoke Manga Volume 1

 Kuronuma Sawako
 Kimi ni Todoke

The following are quotes from Kuronuma Sawako, Kimi ni Todoke manga volume 1:

Thinking to herself during her first conversation with Kazehaya:
"When I told him my feelings, he understood. When I said I wasn't lying, he believed me."

To Ayane and Chizuru when they said they'd feel guilty if she played the ghost against her will in the test of courage activity:
"I have never done anything against my will. I want to get along with everyone, but I'm not being forced to do anything just for that..."

Thinking to herself after explaining to Ayane and Chizuru why she wanted to play the ghost:
"They understood my feelings! It's only a little, but I feel like I've changed."

To Kazehaya when he asked her if she wasn't scared playing the ghost by herself:
"I like the night a bit especially summer nights. The air, the smell, the sound of insects and such."

To Kazehaya when he told her to stop looking at him like that:
"S-s-sorry, I was caught up in the moment! I'll be careful to not look in your eyes for more than three seconds."

Thinking to herself after being with Kazehaya during the test of courage activity:
"I suddenly couldn't speak. I didn't know what I should do. It felt like my heart was in complete chaos. It's like I was reborn. I'm always feeling new things. It seems like Kazehaya-kun's giving me a lot of firsts..."

In her head when she thought people were misunderstanding her relationship with Kazehaya:
"Now I know how to stop more misunderstandings... It's because Kazehaya-kun told me."

To the entire class when she was trying to protect Kazehaya's reputation after he defended her:
"It's true that I was with Kazehaya-kun yesterday, but that wasn't anything special. It's because, as everyone knows, Kazehaya-kun's a person who treats everyone equally without discrimination. It's just that I was truly captivated by Kazehaya-kun's kindness... and cheerfulness and brilliance. That is the truth. There's no misunderstanding about that."

After being inspired by how people and animals are naturally drawn to Kazehaya:
"I want to be good friends with everyone. I'll do my best."

Trying to tell a classmate that it's okay to sit in her seat:
"It's okay, it's not dirty. No-nothing will happen if you sit there. I don't have that kind of power. Besides, I... I can't see ghosts, either."

Thinking to herself when her classmates were talking about not wanting to be the one who has to sit beside her during seat change:
"That hurts... (I can hear the whole thing! They're forgetting to whisper!) But it can't be helped. Someday, I wish I can say, 'I'm happy to be in this seat.'"

More thinking to herself:
"Kazehaya-kun's always breaking down my wall with that smile. He does it so easily."

Talking to Ayane and Chizuru:
"To be able to talk like this for now makes me really happy."

To Kazehaya about everyone naturally following his lead:

"Always, you're so amazing! Everyone always depends on you to make the first move. And because of the opportunities you gave me, for once, today I was really happy."

To Kazehaya:

"Thank you. It's like your words are giving me an opportunity to change. The one who has the power to affect me is always you."

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