Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Anime Opening/Ending Themes

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Like a broken record playing over and over and over even while you're sleeping?  And you suddenly start humming, or even worse - singing, the song at random moments during the day involuntarily like muscle twitches?  That's what anime has done to me, but in a good way.  That's why I think all anime shows should be required to splash this message in big bold letters before the start of the opening theme:

Watching too much anime can cause JPop/Rock/Hiphop addiction.

It all starts out quite innocently.  You hear the anime's opening theme and don't think much about it because you don't understand Japanese.  Then you start noticing how awesome the video sequence that goes with the opening theme is.  Then you realize that the music is a perfect fit for the anime you're watching.  Pretty soon you hear the darn song in your head every time you see the anime's main character.  Then you just have to look it up in YouTube because you're curious to see the artists behind it.  And then you find the video to the full version of the song and that's when you're hooked.

Well, that's how I got hooked anyway. :D  You know... why don't you try it?  You might like it. ;P  I'll even point you in the right direction.  Here are a few of my favorite anime opening/ending themes right now:  (By the way, don't mind the incomprehensible English lyrics, a lot of them are incorrect. Hehe.)

Abingdon Boys School
Darker Than Black Opening Theme 1

The World Without Logos
Yasushi Ishii
Hellsing Opening Theme 1

Mosaic Kakera
SunSet Swish
Code Geass Ending Theme 2

Driver's High 
Great Teacher Onizuka Opening Theme 1

Orange Range 
Bleach Opening Theme 1

Shiki No Uta
Samurai Champloo Ending Theme

Nona Reeves
GetBackers Ending Theme 4

Now go look for the full version original artist videos of these songs on YouTube and you'll be a bona fide certified JPop/Rock/Hiphop addict. :P


  1. Thanks for the songs now I can add to the hundred anime songs I'm learning now. There pretty good, but my problem with getting hooked is I will skip the opening but listen to the last few seconds then I will find it on you tube randomly and listen to a little and won't like it. Then for some reason I'll listen to it again and fall in love with it.

    ~Black Rabnit~

  2. Hi, Black Rabbit. Here's my complete collection of anime opening and ending songs:


    Enjoy! :)

    1. Thanks for the videos. I really liked them.
      ~Black Rabbit~


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