Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Backing Up My Anime Collection

I was organizing my anime collection and getting ready to create back ups for it last weekend, and I realized that I had filled almost 500GB of my hard drive with anime even after deleting the ones that I didn't want to keep. Can you imagine how many DVDs that is? More than a hundred! I'm going to need more than one hundred DVDs to back up my entire anime collection! Furthermore... At an estimated burning time of ten minutes per DVD, it's going to take about sixteen hours to finish backing up my whole collection! Oh... my... god! Of course, I can always just back it up on an external hard drive (I think copying files from hard disk to hard disk would be faster than burning them onto a DVD), but lately I've been hearing quite a few people saying that their external hard drives conked out and they've lost all of their data. And I've read that DVDs are more reliable. Anyway, I better get started on it as soon as possible. I've already divided each title into folders of less than 4.4GB each which is the capacity of a standard DVD. Now I just need to buy one hundred blank discs and I'll be all set to burn, baby, burn!

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