Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gungrave Anime Summary and Review

(Warning: This post may contain spoilers.)

I finished watching Gungrave today, and I liked it. Oh, the ending was beautiful... so heartbreakingly beautiful I brushed away tears from my eyes and forgave the gaudy outfit and ludicrous name of Beyond The Grave, the anime's main protagonist. I also found the final episode of the anime quite artistic, almost poetic. And then there was the fact that almost all of the characters were men, with the two main ones being hot as hell. Oh, I liked it indeed!

The story of Gungrave begins in the middle, with the resurrection of Brandon Heat whose name is now Beyond The Grave and his fight with his best friend Harry MacDowell who is also the current leader of the crime syndicate known as Millennion. Then the story goes back to Brandon's youth and follows him and Harry as they rose from being petty thieves to the top of the biggest crime syndicate of all, and details the events that led to their falling out and Harry's eventual betrayal.

There were some instances in the anime where I would get annoyed at Brandon for being such a loyal obedient puppy. But in the end, that was what made him stand out. I would have preferred him to talk more though. He was always so silent. Well, I guess it was supposed to make him seem mysterious and sexy... and it kind of worked to some degree.

The fight scenes were good, although at times I wondered how so little people could get hit with so much gunfire going on. There was blood and violence, but not so much as to make you want to puke. Overall, I would recommend giving Gungrave a look over. It was quite entertaining.

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