Sunday, April 11, 2010

English Dubbed vs. English Subbed Anime

Anime lovers from around the world have been fighting over this matter since the beginning of time.  I'm exaggerating of course, but it is true that wherever anime forum you go to there is always this argument of which one is better: watching anime English dubbed or in its original language (which is Japanese) with English subtitles.  Many would argue that watching anime in its original language with English subtitles is the best way to go citing various reasons for believing so, but I personally prefer watching English dubbed anime.

Now before all of you English subbed fanatics stone me to death, hear me out.  I'm sure watching subbed anime has its advantages, but my reasons for preferring dubbed over subbed are quite simple:
  1. I like gazing into the eyes of the characters as they speak instead of reading subtitles.
  2. I am an auditory person.  Hearing words that I actually understand adds to the experience.
  3. I have a small monitor, so I would have to sit close to the computer to be able to read the small subtitles instead of lying down on the bed which I usually do.
  4. I fall in love with people voices.  And I have to say those English dub voice actors sound so sexy!  (Most of them anyway.  There are particular voice actors whose way of speaking I don't like.)
  5. I can concentrate on the action going on rather than on the words on the screen.
Having said all this, I also personally feel that however way you like watching your anime doesn't matter.  It's like arguing whether you prefer to drink milk hot or cold.


  1. i agree with you!!!! i usually watch whatever i can get thou. but i really like the idea of chilling and watching anime from one's bed. matter of fact that's what i'm gonna do....

  2. Hehe... anime in bed is my favorite de-stressing activity. :D

  3. To me it all depends... I like it dubbed if the voice actors suitable like Ouran High School Host Club (their dubbed is perfect!!) I hate it when their voices sounded annoying. That's when I prefer the original Japanese voice actors and read the subtitles. It was troublesome in the beginning because I concentrated more on reading, I sometimes I missed the actions (or the hotness of the hotties hehe ..) but after a while, it doesn't bother me anymore. Although, I think I still sometimes miss the hotness of the hotties because my eyes are diverted to the words on the screen instead of them hahaha ... :D

  4. Wow, did I write this post? I sure have changed since then. I now prefer to watch my anime with its original Japanese audio. :D

    It started out with the desire to watch new anime that hadn't been licensed for an English dub yet. Now I watch all my anime in Japanese. *sheepish grin* Since I'm studying Japanese, it's also building my fluency with the language. :)

    A person can change after all. Hehe. ^_^


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