Monday, July 26, 2010

Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 81

Aghhh! I can't stand it! Chapter 81 of the Ouran High School Host Club manga was supposed to be out by July 24 but I still can't find it online. There are a lot of previews though, and people are talking about how this is where Tamaki plans his first date with Haruhi and where the two of them have their first kiss. Ohhh... I can just imagine how cute Tamaki will be! Haha!

But I'm also sad to hear that Ouran High School Host Club will end at Chapter 83. (Is that true?) I mean, there are still many things that are unresolved. There's Kyoya's situation for one. And what about the Hitachiin twins? Will the last three chapters of Ouran High School Host Club focus solely on Tamaki and Haruhi? Well, I like Tamaki and Haruhi as a couple, but I kind of like Haruhi with Kyoya too. And I also like Haruhi with Kaoru... or was it Hikaru? Haha! I'm obviously a confused person when it comes to love. Not! Hehehe... Anyway, I've been waiting two months for Chapter 81 to come out and I'm about to fail the marshmallow test. I want it now! ;P


  1. have u seen the episodes?????
    they are making a season 2 but i dont know when..... they r in english soooo
    but they r very good shows.....,


  2. Which episodes do you mean, gabsluvsya? :O I heard about season 2 but didn't know if it was true. It would be great though, wouldn't it? :) Ouran is a very good show indeed. :)

  3. I just found chapter 81 online!!! Yipee! *Hurries off to read it*

  4. i kinda like hikaru with i like that kind of boy(kyaaa)
    but i vote for tamaki!!kyaa can't wait for the next episode it's true that episode 83 is the last chapter i don't like it neither!!

  5. I know exactly what you mean, Ann. I like either of the twins with Haruhi as well. ;) So Ouran will really end at chapter 83... my mind still refuses to accept it. Haha! I hope at least that Kyoya's story gets some closure when the manga ends. The previews for chapter 82 hint at it being about Kyoya, if I'm not mistaken. :O

    there isnot manga it has been licensed, so where i can find the 81,82 mangaaaaa(((((

  7. oh, god, i found it^-^:DDDD
    there is the 81,82 chapteres))))))DDDDD iiiiiiiiiiii

  8. Chapter 82 is there? Rushes off to see... ;D


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