Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Japanese vs. English Dubbed Anime

Okay, this is not an argument over which is better, the English dub or the original Japanese language anime. Rather, this is a mere comparison based on my observation after watching both versions. I have noted one very glaring difference between the two in the way the script is delivered, and now I understand why most people used to watching anime in Japanese seem to hate English dubs.

Lovely Complex Kiss Scene
I have observed that the characters in the Japanese version tend to speak in a quick and forceful manner, often exaggerating lines. (I guess that's how the Japanese normally talk?) In the English dub, however, the characters speak in a calmer, more normal manner. (Normal in English speaking countries, that is.) Being used to watching anime English dubbed, my initial reaction after watching Loveless, Special A, and Lovely Complex in Japanese was that the characters were overacting, over-dramatic, or too noisy. It kind of reminded me of a cheesy afternoon radio drama. On the other hand, those used to watching anime in Japanese would probably find the English dubs bland and lifeless.

So I guess it boils down to your preference. I for one still prefer watching anime English dubbed (You can read why here: English Dubs vs Subs), although I'll have to start watching anime in Japanese more frequently from now on since I am trying to learn Japanese. :)


  1. Hi Susan
    I'm not hearing good things about the new english version. If it doesn't play online I probably won't get to see it, because I don't think i will buy it. Have you watched it? did you buy it?

    hey, I'm sorry about your hard drive. That sucks!! i feel for you. You must have had aloot of manga and anime! haaha. how many do you read at a time?
    Can you start getting them back from the net?

    I hope you can get it fixed. My pc died before christmas, and i had no internet connection. I lost alot of photos, but nothing heartbreaking.

    catchya :)

  2. Hey, Louise. Uh... which new English version do you mean?

    Yeah, losing data sucks. Seagate is replacing the drive since it's still under warranty, but they won't do data recovery. I did have a lot of anime and manga in there, and I had a lot of photos and music among other things too.

    I've already started re-collecting what I've lost. Will take a while though, it took months to compile in the first place. Now I'm paranoid about backing up data. Hehe.


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