Sunday, January 16, 2011

Darker Than Black Anime Wallpapers

These are all the Darker Than Black wallpaper that I have collected from various websites. Click on each image to view full size. To save, right-click and select Save Image. Resolution is 1024x768 unless specified otherwise. Enjoy!

P.S. Hei is amazing, isn't he? I really, really hope there'll be a season 3 of Darker Than Black. :D

Resolution: 800x600

Resolution: 1280x960

Resolution: 900x720

Resolution: 1680x1050

Resolution: 1280x800


  1. Hei is definitely amazing, Susan. I am with you on that all the way :) As Li Shengshun, he is just adorable but when he transforms himself as Hei ... boy he really changes!! Like day and night. From adorable/geeky to hot mysterious intriguing strong man .. I can't get enough of Hei myself .. HAHAHA .. I hope there is more seasons made to come. The concept of the series is amazing. It is confusing in the beginning but once things start to unfold, the story is very good. I really love it. Btw .. I kept rumbling on and on .. haha .. I actually wanted to thank you for providing the wallpapers. I saved them on to my computer.. So Thank you :)

  2. I know, right? :D It's so nice to finally know someone who doesn't think I'm a total weirdo for liking anime guys! Keep rumbling on. Hehe. :D

    And you're welcome. But I didn't make these wallpaper though, I just compiled them from around the net so credit goes to whoever made them. :)

  3. Oh definitely!! It's such a relieve to know someone else liking anime guys. So, I am not a total weirdo after all .. HAHA .. Oh no worries, I will keep rumbling on haha .. :) Thanks for lending your ears for my babbling hehe .. And another thanks for providing the wallpapers (and thanks to whoever out there made them)^_^

  4. This is a cause for celebration! We like anime guys and we're perfectly normal! Banzai! Haha! :D


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