Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kuroshitsuji II

Update 04/21/11:

OMG! I watched the rest of Kuroshitsuji II tonight and it was amazingly good! In fact, I would say that it's a whole lot better than Kuroshitsuji I. I totally regret not watching it until the end when I first started it last January. One really good thing about the second season of Kuroshitsuji is that they doubled the number of hot butlers! Haha! Then again, the other butler Claude could never compare to Sebastian Michaelis in my opinion. Sebastian is and always will be one hell of a butler! I love Sebastian Michaelis!!! Wahahahaha! *intended to be a crazy maniacal laugh* Hehe. :D

Original Post 01/21/11:

Will somebody please explain to me what is going on with Kuroshitsuji II? I've just finished watching the first two episodes and am extremely confused. It doesn't follow what happened at the end of season one at all. And Ciel Phantomhive inside the suitcase at the end of episode 1, what the hell was that about? I had expected episode 2 to clear up that mystery, but it was about something else entirely. Not only that, the story was like the events in season one never happened. Argh, I don't know whether to continue watching this anime or not.

Sebastian Michaelis
The only reason I finished watching the first season of Kuroshitsuji in the first place was because I liked Sebastian Michaelis. And to be honest, I found the story too slow and boring in general, although it did get interesting towards the last few episodes and the season ender intrigued me enough to want to watch the second season.

But season two so far has got me scratching my head in utter confusion. Sigh... Maybe I should just abandon the anime and read the manga instead. I hear the manga is good.


  1. check out the second season. im sure the final will surprise u.
    and yea... Sebastian is great... sigh

  2. Yeah? Then I'll definitely continue watching Kuroshitsuji II sometime. Thanks. :)

  3. watch it.. the connection between season 1 and 2 will be seen at the episodes...

  4. Hmm... I'm intrigued now. :)

  5. ♥ hmm.. i really luv kurushitsuji... but the season 2 is soooooooooooo damn !!! alois died and claude did it !!! gosh ! claude sucks 4 doing that !!! rrr !!

  6. Well actually, the kuroshitsuji film (I mean the anime) was too much fanmade. If you read the comics (I mean the manga) it's much better than the anime. In the comics, actually, there's no Alois and Claude (or not yet???)

    So I recommend you to read the comic first, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the anime :)

    And yeah, Claude is no match for Sebastian

  7. You actually have to read the comic first... the comic now until chapter 57... I wait for chapter 58, and the comic is great, the plot are so neat

  8. Now I have to read the manga! Haha. Thanks for the tip, JP~Kit-Kat. :)

  9. *spoilers*

    all answers was revealed in the last 3 episodes of kuro II..haha :D at first it's really hard for me to connect the two but later on...ahhhh i got it..
    just watch it patiently and take note carefully of the lines :D
    i'm sure you'll get it in no time ..

  10. Hmm... I can't seem to recall what happened in the last 3 episodes of season 2... maybe I'll watch it again. :)


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